Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

Danielson, CT


About Our Parish

Did you know that every year at the Resurrection Service in Jerusalem, his Eminence, the Patriarch of Jerusalem, enters the tomb of Christ, recites specific prayers and a blue light rises from the tomb where our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was laid to rest following His crucifixion? The blue phenomenon then becomes a tower of white light where his Eminence is able to light candles. In an interview, he describes the light as non-burning. The light then swirls through the air, and ignites all the oil lamps in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Did you know that there are 12 bells on the Priest's censer? They represent the 12 Apostles. The ringing of those bells as the Priest blesses the icons and the congregation, symbolizes the teaching of the Holy Gospel by the 12 Apostles.

Did you know that Orthodoxy is the third largest religious denomination in the world behind Muslims and the Roman Catholic Church?