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Danielson, CT


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Father Nick's Message

It is very exciting posting a message to the faithful on the internet. It is equally disconcerting. I must admit, that I have valued my relationship with our religious community, and feel a great deal of satisfaction whenever a sermon seems to be helpful in spreading the Good News.

I am quite nervous about doing this for a more general congregation, but it is time for me to take the plunge. For quite some time now, we have discussed the possibility of publishing a collection of my Sunday sermons. As you might imagine, preaching to people you know and love, is much different than sending a written message to an unknown audience, or making a collection of such messages.

I hope that you will give me some feedback on what you read here. If you are a member of our community, then we can chat anytime you see me, or, you can call me. If you are far away, as so many of our young people are today, then feel free to email me at FrNickM2@aol.com.